What to consider if you decide to market beef direct-to-consumer

An increasing number of consumers are seeking a farm-to-table purchase experience and ranchers are working to fill the demand for homegrown beef, have several things to consider before launching into business.

Chance Marshall with the University of Wyoming Extension says that if you are considering direct marketing, know your market and what makes you product unique.

“There’s lots of consideration, the availability of somewhere to get it butchered and cut up, there’s a shortage of that. That’s the part when people want to get into this, they don’t put enough consideration into,” he said. “It’s really, really important that you have a plan on how you sale your product, [how] you get your information out there to the people...whether it’s natural product, or just a quality product, or whatever your angle is, there’s lots of different ways and audiences that you can market towards to get your product out there in different ways.”

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