What two important cases are on the docket for SCOTUS cases in 2023?

As we move into the new year, we await two Supreme Court decisions that will have major ramifications on the ag industry.

They include Prop-12 and WOTUS. Indiana Farm Bureau’s Randy Kron tells Brownfield Ag News the WOTUS decision could impact how producers farm and the ag industry needs clarification and rules that do not change with every Administration.

He adds Prop-12 could impact the sale of pork, eggs, and veal that are not produced according to California’s standards. That could have an effect on how things are done in other states.

Earlier today, the Biden Administration finalized its definition of which waterways and wetlands are protected by WOTUS. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association applauded the rule saying, For too long, farmers and ranchers have dealt with the whiplash of shifting WOTUS definitions. Today, the Biden administration sought to finalize a WOTUS definition that will protect both our nation’s water supply and cattle producers across the nation. While the rule retains longstanding, bipartisan WOTUS exclusions for certain agricultural features, it creates new uncertainty for farmers, ranchers, and landowners across the nation,” said NCBA Chief Counsel Mary-Thomas Hart.