What will the outlook be for consumers post-COVID?

When the pandemic began nearly a year ago, producers faced concern about empty grocery store shelves, milk being dumped, and livestock being euthanized due to bottlenecks in the supply chain.

The pandemic not only brought headlines about meat shortage, but limitations on how much the consumer could buy.

Jerrod Gillig with Cargill says that farmers and ranchers are producing enough food.

According to Gillig, “From a supply standpoint, we’re back up to pre-pandemic levels. I think, again, that goes back to again the resiliency because we’re still in a pandemic. This is still bearing down on us, and having that ability to be back up to full supply is very encouraging and something, again, I think it just reflects back to the strength of the supply chain that we’ve got.”

Gillig applauds the essential workers, especially in the ag industry, who walked into work everyday to make sure consumers were always fed.