What’s Next After Convention?


Ault, Colorado FFA Members. From left to right - Thad Wertz, Caleb Wertz, Colby White, Stephanie Dill and Blake Fabrizius

October 22, 2016

The future of agriculture depends on the next generation. During this week’s National FFA Convention & Expo, the organization offered numerous workshops, sessions, and industry contacts in order to help these young men and women plot their futures in agriculture.

RFD-TV talked to members of the FFA chapter from Ault, Colorado about the highlights of their week in Indianapolis.

“How to Be a Superhero, definitely,” says Caleb Wertz. Wertz is referencing a leadership session which focused on finding each individual’s unique attributes and how they can make life better in a chapter, school, and community.

“I’m taking away how being a leader can help my chapter substantially,” Wertz adds, “and it can make a big difference in my entire community.”

Fellow member Colby White chimes in, “We need more leaders from FFA to help the world around us.”

Freshman Blake Fabrizius, isn’t exactly sure what we wants to do, but he knows it will be in ag.

“Right now, probably an ag engineer. But lately, I’ve been thinking about an ag teacher,” Fabrzius says. “Our ag teacher, Mr. Koontz, he’s really awesome and he’s kind of starting me towards that now. So it will probably be between those two.”

Upperclassman Stephanie Dill has a clearer picture. “I’m on a debate team and my FFA got me a scholarship to go to college. I want to get my ag business degree and probably work in, like the financials of some kind of ag business.”

And the world needs people in the agriculture industry. Throughout the week, a video was broadcast touting that 22,000 jobs in agriculture go unfilled every year. An industry in need is good news to these teens that are already looking ahead to the future. Knowing there is that kind of need waiting for them after graduation, gives these young millennials hope for a good career.

“We need more ag advocates and ag careers,” Dill says brightly, “so I think it’s a really good place to be.”