Wheat & Dairy Hoping For A Quick Japan Deal

Wheat industry leaders say a quick trade deal with Japan is possible. Wheat growers CEO Chandler Goule says,

“The Japanese government said in the media, and they’ve also said it to our negotiators, that they would be interested in taking the language that was in the Trans Pacific Partnership and basically cutting & pasting that into a bilateral with the United States.”

Japan is the number 1 importer of U.S. wheat at nearly 700 million dollars, but it’s not the only commodity in high demand. 70 dairy industry advocates sent a letter to key negotiators asking to “quickly finalize” a deal. They say it will “bring a much-needed boost to the economic health of the U.S. dairy industry.” Without a strong deal, the group says America could lose 5.4 million dollars in export sales due to competitor trade agreements like the new Trans Pacific Partnership.