“When Will It Be Enough?": Lawmakers seek common ground for Farm Bill passage

Talks are still happening on Capitol Hill over the new Farm Bill, with some lawmakers still holding out hope a new one can get passed before the year ends. However, nutrition has been a major holdup, and one lawmaker is asking when this massive spending will be enough.

“One side wants more money for the food assistance programs and the other side wants more money for the agricultural industry. I think the Farm Bill overall spends something like $1.4 Trillion. It’s a huge number, and $1.1 trillion of that goes toward food programs. So my question is, how much is enough? You know how much more can we provide for some of those programs, which are important? No argument there, but I think we’re doing a lot. You know, we want to feed people. We want to make sure that we combat hunger in the United States. Absolutely. And I think we, we do a lot of things to make that happen towards that goal,” said Congressman Dan Newhouse.

Congressman Dan Newhouse reminds his colleagues that there is only so much money to go around, and says the Farm Bill needs to focus on maintaining a strong ag industry.