Who has the highest yields in the Corn Belt?

Have you been wondering which areas in the Midwest grow the highest yielding corn and soybean crops?

The University of Illinois posed the question and pulled some interesting data from USDA. As it turns out, on average both crops yield more in one place than in any other.

According to Gary Schnitkey, “If you are looking at the Corn Belt and... again these are yields from 2015 to 2019... the highest yields happened to be in the central district of Illinois for both corn and soybeans. In central Illinois, we had a 210.4 bushel average yield per acre for corn and 64 bushels for soybeans. Central district Illinois had the highest CRD yields for 2015 through 2019.”

The Crop Reporting District in central Illinois includes eleven counties surrounding Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, and Decatur.