Wild horses are up for adoption for $25 in California


The U.S. Forest Service is helping with the adoption up of wild horses in California for as little as $25.

As of Dec. 22, there were 240 horses up for adoption in all ages, sizes and colors, according to CBS.

Officials have rounded up about 1,000 wild horses total in the Modoc National Forest because of overgrazing. There are about 4,000 horses living in the forest.

However, not just anyone is able to adopt one of the horses.

“You have a year before you receive title on that horse and in that time, you’ll be asked to show that you are taking good care of that horse. The facility requirements — the horse needs a 20-by-20 enclosure and a walk-in barn, a three-sided barn,” Kevin Sandusky with the U.S. Forest Service told CBS.

The horses are believed to descendants of domesticated horses.

You can apply to adopt here.