With Easter around the corner, egg prices will rise


Easter is right around the corner, and you know what that means-- higher egg prices.

The yearly spike comes as consumers plan their Easter dishes and go for the traditional Easter egg hunt route. “Prices are going up a little, but it’s just that part of the season,” poultry expert Craig Coufal explains, according to AgDaily.

January’s prices were the same as the year prior-- $1.46 for a dozen. As February and March approached, prices increased to over $1.50. The peak is seen in April where a dozen eggs go for over $2 dollars.

Also, the egg supply is strong. Any shortages seen at your local stores were more than likely due to panic buying and logistical disruptions, as well as weather complications such as February’s winter storm.

Coufal adds, “There have been no disease outbreaks, no hatching problems, and no shortage of hens. Chickens only lay one egg per day, and so if normalcy is disrupted and demand doubles overnight it can appear that there’s an issue.”

Story via AgDaily