World Ag Expo announces top 10 new products of 2020


The World Ag Expo has selected its Top 10 new products as part of its 2020 competition.

“The competitive field of new products were submitted for the contest by exhibitors of the largest annual agricultural show of its kind. Products ranged from simple solutions to high tech devices. The contest judges were made up of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals,” a release said.

The winners will be marked with a “Top 10 Winner” flag at the expo and will be honored at the opening ceremonies on Feb. 11, 2020. An estimated 100,00 attendees from 70 countries will be at the expo.

Here is a full list of winners:

Cotton Folding Attachment by Berbereia Engineering & Manufacturing - The cotton folding attachment has the ability to pick up cotton laying next to irrigation borders and push it away.

ALUS Nutrition by Cainthus - ALUS uses computer vision and AI to passively monitor animals and their environment 24/7. This gives advanced information on well-being and production.

Jaltest AGV by COJALI USA, INC. - Jaltest AGV is an all-systems diagnostics tool for ag machinery developed to provide a solution to diagnose machines and get them in them back in the field as quickly as possible. It has the ability to connect, read and clear fault codes of different electronic control modules in vehicles.

CPH Silt & Sand Separators by Epiphene, Inc. - The CPH Separator removes clay and silt sand from irrigation water down to the 1/2 micron. It requires pressure as low as 1 psi to do so.

MY20 8RX by John Deere - The 8RX is the only fixed frame four-track configuration tractor on the market.

The Hutch Latch by MJE, LLC - The Hutch Latch offers an innovative safety feature to secure calf hutches, reduce stress and ensure the safety of calves.

GP90 Joiner for Support Wires by Gripple, Inc. - The Gripple GP90 easily and quickly joins and tensions line wires to perpendicular boundary cables, creating overhead wires to support protective materials such as shade cloth, hail net and rain covers.

Monarch Tractor by Monarch Tractor - The Monarch Tractor is a fully electric smart tractor. It features best in class plow, till and hauling capabilities

Bravo-1 by S&S Metal Fabrication, Inc. - The S&S Bravo-1 quickly and efficiently moves fruit bins and totes during harvest.

Intelligent Spray Control System by Smart Guided Systems LLC - The LiDAR based intelligent spray control systems adapts to any air blast sprayer.