Worried About Spending: Talks underway on funding framework to help ag’s spending bills

With the countdown to the new fiscal year, it is leaving many worried about government spending, including its impact on agriculture.

On a recent call with ag reporters, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said that there are talks about a funding framework to help support ag’s annual spending bills.

“I think if you would check the exact language of the agreement between McCarthy and Biden, you’ll find out that that 1 percent actually doesn’t kick in until next April. But not getting it done would set in stage a movement in that direction. That would be very harmful to defense, as a reason, but it is quite a hammer to get it done. But we’ve been hearing some talk about having a short CRP that would take us into November with some separate Appropriation Bills being passed. It won’t get done by September 30th, but I see a real good faith effort to move separate Appropriation Bills this year. The House has already proved that for the first time since the 1990s,” according to Sen. Grassley.

Grassley adds that the Senate Appropriations Bill and Appropriations Committee has all twelve bills out of committee and all with bipartisan votes, saying that it shows there is a real honest effort to meet those deadlines.