Wrangler NFR 2019: Clayton Biglow wins third go-round in a row


Clayton Biglow is not done yet.

After winning Round 5 and sharing the Round 6 victory with Caleb Bennett and Tilden Hooper, Biglow was back alone on top of the bareback riding world after a ride of 91.5 to collect another $26,000 check and extend his lead in the world standings and the NFR average.

“Winning is my favorite thing in the world and I wish we had 10 more horses to get on,” he said. “If we could have a rodeo like this every weekend it would be unreal, this is the best rodeo in the world......The energy here and the adrenaline you go through every night, it’s a dream come true. You never get tired here, you show up every night and it’s like the first round all over again.”

Biglow, who called Round 7’s ride the best he’s bull ride he’s ever made, tied the NFR Round 7 record and he now has collected more than $110,000 through the first seven days.

“You only get one horse at a time so I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” he said.

Orin Larsen used a re-ride to score a 90 and finish second Wednesday night and Minnesota cowboy Tanner Aus finished third. Richmond Champion and Tilden Hooper, two men in the Top 5 in the world standings, tied for fourth.

Bareback Riding World Standings (NFR money in parentheses)

1. Clayton Biglow - $292,785 ($110,833)

2. Orin Larsen - $253,673 ($80,230)

3. Kaycee Feild - $207,358 ($31,153)

4. Tilden Hooper - $200,161 ($62,602)

5. Richmond Champion - $195,828 ($65,000)