Wrangler NFR 2019: Daylon Swearingen earns first career NFR bull riding round win in record breaking fashion


Bull rider Daylon Swearingen came into the NFR looking for his first career round win. Not only did he get his first career round win on Monday, he did it in record-breaking fashion.

Swearingen’s 92-point ride broke the NFR round five record of 91.50 that was set back in 2003.

“I’m just blessed to get it done. I just had to change something and tucked my jeans into my boots, and I put a Bible verse in my hat that says, “Shake It Off” that quotes Philippians 3:13-14. Normally I don’t tuck my jeans into my boots, and sometimes you need to do something different for a mental thing. I feel like I ride better when I cut loose and just keep moving around in there.”

Swearingen hadn’t posted a score in the first four rounds but knew he would have a good opportunity to change that when he saw his draw for round five.

“Normally I look at the draw when it comes out, but I was in a bad mood this morning, so I waited and saw I got War Cry, I knew Boudreaux was 90 on him before in Ellensburg so I was super pumped.”

The top of the world standings remains the same with five-time world champion Sage Kimzey leading the way.

Bull Riding World Standings (NFR money in parentheses)

1. Sage Kimzey - $314,598 ($69,160)

2. Stetson Wright - $214,883 ($62,461)

3. Boudreaux Campbell - $196,143 ($69,371)

4. Koby Radley - $178,849 ($64,294)

5. Trey Benton III - $175,994 ($53,717)