Wrangler NFR 2019: First-time qualifier Ty Harris wins tie-down roping Round 5


First-time NFR qualifier Ty Harris was able to turn things around Monday night by stopping the clock at 7.4 seconds to win Round 5 of tie-down roping in his first qualifying run of NFR.

“It feels a lot better,” the 21-year-old said. “You know, sitting back in that alley its quiet and everything, it’s hard not to think about ‘man, last night I had a pretty good calf and it didn’t really got how I wanted it to.’”

“Right before I go I like to visualize making good runs and tonight it was a little bit difficult for me to visualize maybe, possibly making a mistake. I try to visualize myself having success and I mean it worked out, I just wanted to block out any negativity.”

Harris said a pep talk from his dad and a horse change helped him turn the tide. He said he was feeling pretty down after Sunday night and his dad, who doesn’t talk much, gave him so really encouraging words.

“There’s no way to prepare for it (NFR) other than getting out here and getting after it,” Harris said. “I always tried to tell myself I could (compete at the highest level), but getting out here and doing it is different.”

With a third place finish in Round 5, Shane Hanchey continued to look strong in his quest for another world championship. He has won more than $98,000 through five rounds and is first in the world standings. Riley Pruitt finished second Monday to jump into the Top 5 in the world standings and Tuf Cooper finished fourth to get No. 4 in the world standings.

Tie-Down Roping World Standings (NFR money in parentheses)

1. Shane Hanchey - $201,043 ($98,846)

2. Haven Meged - $167,744 ($47,865)

3. Marty Yates - $162,084 ($60,769)

4. Tuf Cooper - $152,823 ($47,230)

5. Riley Pruitt - $150,996 ($51,461)