Wrangler NFR 2019: Team roping header Clay Smith wins back-to-back gold buckles


Clay Smith and his partner Jade Corkill took home checks in six of the 10 rounds at this year’s NFR en route to Smith, the header, winning his second consecutive gold buckle.

“I’m tickled to win this deal again,” Smith said. “We (him and his brothers) were raised in rodeo, and to win the world is an accomplishment, a big one for me, and I’m very thankful.”

Smith added it was bittersweet not having Corkill, who finished fourth in the heeler world standings, with him to celebrate.

“He’s an amazing partner and a friend,” he said. “He’s the guy you want roping with you.”

Smith edged out Cody Snow by about $10,000 to win the title this year, with the gold buckle coming down to the final night.

“It seems like that happens out here every year no matter what you have coming,” Smith said. “I’m thankful, God wanted it to turn out this way, and I’m glad that it did.”

Final Team Roping Header World Standings

1. Clay Smith - $268,819

2. Cody Snow - $256,938

3. Kaleb Driggers - $240,923

4. Brenten Hall - $237,061

5. Riley Minor - $207,706

2019 Wrangler NFR Average Standings

1. Cody Snow - 43.0/9

2. Brenten Hall - 56.70/9

3. Luke Brown - 59.3/9

4. Tate Kirchenschlager - 93.0/9

5. Riley Minor 44.4/8