Wrangler NFR 2019: Wesley Thorp wins team roping heeler gold buckle


Team roping heeler Wesley Thorp won the NFR average to help him collect $249,180 on the season and win his first-career gold buckle.

“It’s amazing, to be a part of a group that has won these buckles in the past, I can’t hardly believe it,” he said. “These are truly my heroes and I am a fan of the sport as much as I am competing in it so to rope ‘em and watch ‘em every day is cool to me and then to actually get the buckle is unbelievable.”

Thorp and his partner Cody Snow, who finished second in the header world standings behind Clay Smith, also won the average. Thorp said it was bittersweet not having his partner win the world title alongside him.

“He did such a great job out there, I was so proud of him,” Thorp said. “I’m thankful for him to give me this opportunity.”

Thorp was about $11,000 clear of second-place Junior Nogueira and about $15,000 clear of third-place Chase Tryan.

“You hope it could come true, but you never grasp what it feels like,” Thorp said. “I’m at a loss for words on it, but it feels unbelievable and I’m happy with everything. We came with a game plan and stuck with it. I had tremendous support the whole time.”

Final Team Roping Heeler World Standings

1. Wesley Thorp - $249,180

2. Junior Nogueira - $238,242

3. Chase Tryan - $234,479

4. Jade Corkill - $226,941

5. Brady Minor $207,706

2019 Wrangler NFR Average Standings

1. Wesley Thorp - 43.8/9

2. Chase Tryan - 56.7/9

3. Paul Eaves - 59.3/9

4. Tyler Worley - 93.0/9

5. Brady Minor - 44.4/8