WWII veteran, Sir Thomas Moore passes away at the age of 100


Captain Sir Thomas Moore was a British Army officer who served in India during World War II. He passed away on February 2, 2021 at the age of 100 years old, due to COVID-19.

Over the past few weeks Sir Moore was battling pneumonia, and last week he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Last year, Sir Moore became an international sensation when he pledged to raise money for healthcare workers.

In the weeks leading up to his 100th birthday, he stated that he would walk laps in his garden to raise and planned to raise just over $1,000 dollars for the frontline workers. He ended up raising around $45 million dollars.

Moore would later be knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

“Captain Sir Thomas Moore was a hero in the truest sense of the world. In the dark days of the Second World War he fought for freedom and in the face of this country’s deepest post war crisis he untied us all, he cheered us all up, and he embodied the triumph of the human spirit.,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated.

Story via Guy Davies at ABC News