Yellowstone star, Jennifer Landon shares condolences for the passing of Rural Meida Group’s Patrick Gottsch

“Patrick, I want to thank you for being kind and for being such a leader in a world that I have come to have so much appreciation for— rural America feeds America”

Patrick Gottsch, the Founder and President of Rural Media Group, passed away over the weekend at the age of 70. He was a champion of Rural America, devoting more than half his life to empowering farmers and ranchers, giving them a voice at the table. We are grateful for his leadership and innovation.

There has been an outpour of love, support, and condolences from friends, industry partners, western sports figures, country music stars, and television stars.

Jennifer Landon, known for her role as Teeter on the hit TV show Yellowstone recently shared this message with us.
She stated, “I didn’t realize the legend I was meeting, I just knew I met somebody who was so kind and humble. I felt like I’d known him a decade.”

You may have seen her earlier this year on our Rose Parade Float!

Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan also recently shared his condolences for Patrick’s passing:

“Patrick Gottsch was a pioneer and visionary in every sense of the word. He created a central entertainment and information outlet that became an essential tool in the lives of all who work in agriculture and live in rural America. He brought horsemanship into the living rooms of America through exposure to clinicians such as Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Ken McNabb. He was a tireless and stalwart protector of the rancher and farmer— our business endeavors, our pastimes, our passions, and our beliefs. Through RFD and The Cowboy Channel, Patrick provided representation to a vastly underserved and essential demographic that is the very bedrock of this nation.

While Yellowstone receives much praise for bringing rural America into the public zeitgeist, Yellowstone stands on the shoulders of Patrick’s creation. Patrick had a vision, and more importantly he had the tenacity to make the vision a reality. We have all benefited from that realization, which lives on in his honor.

Rest In Piece Cowboy.”