Mergers Are a Challenge to Rural Television

Mergers Are a Challenge to Rural Television

Patrick Gottsch
Ladies & Gentlemen,

There are two major media mergers pending at this time, Comcast Cable with Time Warner Cable, and AT&T U-Verse with DIRECTV.  If approved, these four companies combined will control cable & satellite programming into over half the households in this country effecting 54,000,000+ homes in all 50 states.

With good reason, RFD-TV and RURAL TV viewers are concerned about the future of rural programming  with so many homes being controlled by a few, urban-based program directors.  Comcast cable recently removed RFD-TV from the entire states of Colorado and New Mexico, and then added Al Jazeera America to these same systems two days later.  Comcast also carries BBC World News as an “independent” channel.   In the May 8th House Sub-Judiciary Hearing, Mr. David Cohen, Executive Vice-President of Comcast, explained the reasoning behind these decisions by stating that Comcast is “primarily an urban-clustered cable company”. 

Currently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking public comments on each of these mergers.  This is your opportunity to support RFD-TV and RURAL TV by stating your views on the importance of rural, family-oriented programming in order to possibly get protection for our independent networks as a condition for these mergers.  To file your personal comment with the FCC, please review and follow Steps 1-5 below:

  1. You may file a comment on either or both mergers.  Just click the Proceeding Number once on the FCC web site, and the correct blank form for that merger will appear:

    Comcast/Time Warner  -          Proceeding #14-57

    AT&T/DIRECTV -                     Proceeding #14-90

  2. Fill out your name, address, and comments on that form.  Most people are writing about two paragraphs for their comments.

  3. Click CONTINUE, and your information will be on screen for your final approval.

  4. Click CONFIRM in the top, middle of that page and your form will be filed with the FCC.

  5. FCC Comments

Note – to get personal updates from me on these mergers please fill out your e-mail address in the form below.  I will not use your information for anything else, or sell it to anyone.

Thousands of RFD-TV and RURAL TV viewers have already filed their FCC comments.  It is making a huge difference.  Please join your friends and neighbors in our fight to protect rural programming for years to come.   There should not be a wall erected between urban and rural America.

Thank you for your support of RFD-TV, RURAL TV, and our 146 independent rural program producers who are dedicated to serving the needs and interests of rural America, while doing our best to reconnect city folks with country people again. 

    Patrick Gottsch
    Rural Media Group, Inc.

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    Thanks so much for your support.  We must stand up, now, to make sure that a wall is not built between urban and rural America.

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