A dispute between Ukraine and Russia would have a major impact on American ag

A potential conflict between Ukraine and Russia could have a major impact on American ag. The world is waiting to see what happens in the region.

The Executive Director for Tennessee’s Soybean Association says that a lot of fertilizer used for row crops is produced in Ukraine and Russia, and any dispute could put American farmers right in the middle.

According to Park Wells, “Our big factor is the cost of inputs and this means fertilizer and due to storms we’ve had, like in New Orleans, a glyphosate facility there wasn’t able to produce. Glyphosate is used in all the crops and then the fertilizer situation coming from overseas the price is 2-3 times what it normally is. That’s a big input price plus it’s hard to get.”

He says that it is important for the U.S. to help resolve any potential issues, so farmers can continue producing.


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