Ag groups react to the almost passed “Special Investigator” position for meat processors

The House Ag Committee is having a busy week marking up bills and introducing new legislation. They are now one step closer to creating a Special Investigator position for USDA.

Democrats pushed the bill through yesterday. They say as it stands, the Department does not have enough resources to investigate the possibility of unfair trade among meat processors. The Inspector would have prosecutorial and subpoena power.

Republicans pushed back, saying the bill is redundant and would enable the Department to harass meat processors for political reasons.

NCBA condemned the act, saying it was rushed through “without consideration of the confusing bureaucratic mess it would create.”

The North American Meat Institute said, “USDA and the Department of Justice already have the authorities this bill would grant making this expansion of government bureaucracy.”

The National Farmers Union supports the measure, saying, “Greater enforcement of competition laws by USDA will better ensure America’s independent family farmers and ranchers have a chance to succeed.”


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