Americans need more protein on their plates

Americans need more protein on their dinner plates, according to the latest dietary guidelines.

The Scientific Committee report recommends all age groups, especially young kids and pregnant or nursing mothers should add seafood and other animal proteins to their diets.

Dairy, fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts were also high on that list.

They say that it can help fight chronic illness and heart disease, both common health issues for Americans.

The report also found the pandemic played a major role in food insecurity. This year, more than 40 million Americans did not have enough food.

Dieticians are helping shed light on the nutritional benefits of fresh pork. The Pork Checkoff is adapting to the changing technology and is now sharing that information with dieticians.

According to the Pork Board’s Director of Nutrition and Dietetics, Kara Behlke, “We know dieticians have always played a vital role in public health, but as people have become more interested in health eating and boosting their immune system and just general health, dieticians have more opportunities than ever to share their knowledge with a wider audience, and the Pork Checkoff will continue to support and grow our relationship with dieticians and continue to influence consumer decision.”

The Pork Checkoff has been going virtual this year, sharing the benefits of pork through online conferences and social media.


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