Battling and Surviving: We hear from two Texas producers who are assessing the fire damage on their operation

As the Smokehouse Creek Wildfire continues to burn across parts of the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma, farm and ranch families are slowly getting to see the wildfire’s impact on their operations.
The fires have killed livestock in numbers yet to be determined and the images are hard to see.

The Texas Farm Bureau introduces us to Jeff Haley and his nephew John Haley who found themselves in the devastating wildfire’s path.

Fellow farmers and ranchers are of course also lending a helping hand during this ongoing devastation.
Ramey J. Keeth is heading up a private fundraiser for both the panhandle farming community, while also helping deliver hay to those in need.

He shared a touching story about a recent delivery with a 73-year-old farmer who at first did not want to accept the help because he was certain some neighbors needed it more.
When Keeth arrived, he found a burned-up hay trap and an upset farmer who shared how this donation had provided them with hope, because simply he was getting too old to start over.