As extreme heat bears down on a large portion of the country, crews from across Louisiana are battling intense wildfires in Beauregard Parish.
USDA meteorologists warn high temps and dry conditions are cause for concern over the next few days.
Satellite images show how the island’s agriculture is at risk
The Minnesota senator, who represents a farming state, says current events across the U.S. highlight the need for attention to crop insurance.
The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center reported Thursday that 453 active fires are still burning across the country. USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey said the ongoing weather events to the North are again causing air quality deterioration in parts of the U.S.
From the Beltway to the Corn Belt, a high pressure system is lingering and keeping much-needed rain at bay.
USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey has concerns about U.S. crops and the indirect impact the smoke could have on corn and soybeans.
Farmers as far south as Virginia and Maryland are now facing air quality warnings during critical fieldwork times.
Wildfires have scorched almost 2,000 square miles in Southern Canada so far, and the ongoing heat and drought are not helping ag production. The number of fires already surpassed the 10-year average.