Butterball is ready to Talk Turkey


Thanksgiving turkey is a big task and whether it’s your first or fifteenth year cooking, you may run into some questions. Luckily, the experts at Butterball are here to help!

The Butterball Turkey Talkline has been coming to the rescue for all your turkey troubles for almost 30 years. Debuting in 1981 with six female operators and a Rolodex of information, they fielded 11,000 calls that first year from home cooks in need. Since then, they have expanded to include text, chat, email, social media, and even Amazon Alexa.

Butterball expert, Phyllis Kramer, has been answering calls for the past 18 years. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, she said she started answering calls the day before the election; 50 in total. She said things are looking a little different this year for both cooks and experts, although working from home as opposed to the Naperville call center has been “kinda fun”.

Nicole Johnson, another Butterball Talkline veteran with 19 years under her belt echoed the same sentiments. She spoke to WOOD saying this year she’s encountered more questions from first-time cooks, people looking to downsize their bird, and how to cook a turkey outside.

If you want to talk turkey with Butterball, you can call them at 1-800-288-8372 or text them at 844-877-3456.