Buying local pork With Compart Family Farms

Shutdowns at several hog processing plants in the Midwest prompt some consumers to seek local pork supplies. This means strong business for one premium supplier.

From their home base in rural Nicollet, Minnesota, locally raised Compart Family Farms premium duroc pork products are shipped across the U.S. Some of their cuts are served in top restaurants across the country. Chris Compart says that consumers want to make the connection to where their food is produced.

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many people to shelter-in-place and has caused challenges in the pork processing system, thus leading to an increased interest among consumers in utilizing local meat processors.

“People want to maybe support the smaller person, and you go into the big box stores and who knows where it came from and who is behind it,” Compart said.

People’s habits have changed, due to COVID-19, and eating is one of those. People want locally grown meat, and meat markets and sources like Comparts are growing and people are enjoying it.

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