California man uses Bud Light to save home from flames from wildfires


Chad Little had to protect his home for flames from the LNU Lightning Complex Fire in California. The only problem, he didn’t have any water to do so.

He used the next best thing, Bud Light.

His family had left the home earlier in the day bit Little stayed behind because he couldn’t let the home go. The family had lost their home in an attic fire five years prior and the rebuild was almost complete.

Little has hoses around the property but the water had been turned off.

“It was burning on the wood down low, and I didn’t have any water,” Little told NBC12. “I had one barrel with a little bit of water in it, and I tried using that. It didn’t work.”

He had to act fast fast because the cars were burning and his shop was going to be next. Using the beer, he was able to keep the flames at bay until firefighters arrived.

“When I ripped up the sheet metal, it had a nail, so I was just shaking it up, popping it just and spraying them, popping it out and grabbing another one.,” Little said. ”My buddies all tease me about drinking water beer, and I say, ‘Hey, saved my shop.’”