California needs masks to protect farm workers and to stay safe during wildfires

A strain on the availability of personal protective equipment takes a toll on producers. Ag groups are now urging the Coronavirus Task Force to take additional steps to protect the health of farm employees and communities.

Jamie Johansson, the president of the California Farm Bureau, spoke with RFD-TV’s own Christina Loren on what these groups are calling for and how the West Coast wildfires are playing a roll in the need for more masks.

“Out here in California and in many of the western states we really are at the peak of our harvest, have about 450,000 seasonal workers in our fields and orchards,” she said. “Just really to draw attention, there has been an acute serge of PPE equipment for farmers since the beginning, saving them for first responders, but there’s an increased need not only for PPE but also for rapid testing.”

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