Canada Prepares for Wildfires: drought, record warmth, and resources boost

Canadian farmers face heightened wildfire risk due to continued drought and above-normal temperatures.

At a technical briefing in Ottawa, Ministerial Department heads warned that more dry weather is expected this spring and summer, making for a greater risk of wildfire events.
With over 70 fires already burning, mainly in northern regions, and many smoldering below ground, the threat is significant.

Minister Jonathan Wilkinson emphasizes close monitoring of high-risk areas.

According to Wilkinson, “Early projections for 2024 indicate the potential for early and above normal activity over the spring months, as a result of ongoing drought, warmer-than-normal temperatures, and drier-than-normal forecasts. The warmer than normal winter temperatures and drier than usual conditions may result in some regions, in particular, western Canada, eastern Ontario, and southern Quebec, experiencing early, above-normal fire activity.”

They note that last year’s wildfires put a strain on resources.
5,500 firefighters from outside Canada were brought in to help with the fires.

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