Canadian Health Minister: “Protecting the health and safety of workers is also protecting the supply chains”

The Canadian trucker protest against vaccine mandates is still underway. The “Freedom Convoy” arrived in Winnipeg last night, bringing traffic to a halt.

While many see this as “blowing off steam,” others say it will only cause additional harm in an already broken supply chain for groceries and other goods.

The Canadian Health Minister says that truckers on both sides of the border were given nearly three months notice before the new rules came into effect.

According to Jean-Yves Duclos, “This has been known for some time. Since November, all truckers and all trucking companies know that this is coming on both sides of the border. We both agree that protecting the health and safety of workers is also protecting the supply chains. The vast majority of truckers have made the right choice. They have had the vaccine.”

The Canadian Trucking Alliance initially lobbied for continued essential worker status for its members, but now it strongly disapproves of the protest.

At the same time, GoFundMe is withholding the nearly $5 million dollars raised in favor of the protestors until they present a plan on how the money will be used.


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