Cattle groups are showing strong opposition to ‘PRIME’ Act

Several groups are voicing their opposition to the ‘PRIME’ Act, as they say it highlights a potential threat to food safety and consumer trust in beef.

RFD TV’s Tammi Arender spoke with NCBA Director of Government Affairs, Tanner Beymer, about what discrepancies the group has with it and what alternative approaches they would like to see.

The North American Meat Institute also weighed in.

“It is important for the American economy and the entire meat value chain that the safety of our meat and poultry is never taken for granted. The meat and poultry industry, and the taxpayer, has invested billions of dollars in food safety protections, research and infrastructure to ensure we have the safest meat in the world,” said NAMI President and CEO Julie Anna Potts. “While this bill may be well intentioned, it poses especially unnecessary risks given the many resources available to help new and small facilities gain inspection from FSIS.”


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