Analysts predict variability in placements data in the upcoming Cattle on Feed report set to release on Friday afternoon with factors like cow numbers and imports at play.
The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association proudly highlighted the environmental advancements in U.S. cattle production at a climate summit held in New York City this week.
Nate and Melissa Morts is nurturing farming excellence, one crop, and pig at a time.
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Florida Farm Bureau’s ‘CARES’ program publicly recognizes farmers and ranchers in The Sunshine State who go above and beyond to protect the state’s natural resources. We take you to Crooked Creek Farm in Altha, Florida, one of the operations recognized for its use of sustainable management practices.
Louisiana had an unprecedented number of 100-degree days this summer, and the long stretch of heat is taking a toll on ranchers across the state. Both hay quantities and quality are down right now, which could cause further weight loss for cattle in the winter.
Providing the community with locally grown meat, produce and dairy products, as well as several educational classes; Country Gardens Farm in Newnan is doing their part in spreading the word of agriculture.
Significant shifts in global food prices were observed in August by the FAO Food Price Index, capturing the attention of markets and consumers worldwide.
The quality of U.S. beef cattle has come a long way in the last two decades, but an expert with the Oklahoma State University Extension says there is still room for improvement.
The story of a ranch’s evolution and adaption of sustainable grazing practices throughout multiple generations.
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As extreme heat bears down on a large portion of the country, crews from across Louisiana are battling intense wildfires in Beauregard Parish.
Passion is contagious, and David Henderson’s genuine love for ranching is impossible not to catch because there is nothing he would rather be!
Heat stress events can pose significant risks to cattle herds— ranging from decreased feed intake to reduced weight gain and potential heat-related health issues.
Christiansen and his canine companions form an unbreakable team based on trust and understanding that transcends words. Today, ranchers from neighboring counties seek his guidance, his expertise, and his dogs’ uncanny ability to bring order to chaos.