Chairman Peterson on the future of combating climate change

Speculation abounds on what will happen to combat climate change if control of Congress and the White House shift to the left this election season.

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson shared some insight to the AgriPulse Policy Summit Monday.

“We don’t even know what it is that will fix this. We got some ideas. We have some true believers that believe this or believe that, which may or may not be true,” he said. “I think our approach on the Ag Committee has been better, where its voluntary and we have incentives for people to try out things and see if it moves us in the right direction and is actually going to work. Agriculture is not profitable right now; we can’t put more cost on agriculture. I’m not going to support that.”

He adds that with the extreme weather this year ranging from many hurricanes, fires, derechos, droughts, and floods, there is no doubt in his mind something is going on, and the best tool at the moment is the Conservation Reserve Program through USDA.

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