Could we see Tesla designing farm equipment?

Tesla has made a name for itself in the electric car game, with more than 3 million cars on the road worldwide. But could they venture into the ag world?

Todd Janzen with Janzen Ag Law says he does not believe it will be long before the electric car manufacturer starts designing farm equipment. He says with the constant data connectivity Tesla already uses, it could help producers enter information in real-time.

“Constant connectivity allows the machine to stay connected to the manufacturer’s cloud at all times. This helps the manufacturer improve the software and anticipate mechanical problems. Equally as important but not as realized, the constant cloud connectivity allows for real-time machine learning,” said Janzen.

The company’s no-dealer business model could also be a plus for producers by eliminating paying for overhead. With farmers under constant pressure to reduce carbon emissions, Janzen also says an all-electric piece of equipment could help them meet those goals.


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