Dairy farming on Minecraft

Using video games to get kids interested in dairy! The industry is using one of the most popular video games to teach the younger generation about sustainable farming and how dairy foods are produced.

According to Tom Gallagher, the CEO of Dairy Management Inc., “90 percent of Gen Z plays games, and Gen Z, let’s define it as early teens to early 20s... Minecraft is the game that we’re focused on right now.”

You probably do no think of hardcore gaming when you think of dairy, but Dairy Management Inc. says that times are changing. So, it is using a platform kids are already swarming, to draw them in.

“We are going to work with four gaming influencers who have a combined reach of over 120 million, and each of these influencers are going to go have a virtual farm visit,” DMI’s executive VP of communications, Joanna Hunter, states. “After that farm visit, they’re going to take what they’ve learned on that visit and build a dairy farm in Minecraft.”

The goal is to get kids to not only challenge each other on building the best dairy farm, but to learn about sustainability, and nutritious dairy foods. A Colorado dairy farmer will give players a virtual tour of his facility.

“My role in it is to show these guys around the dairy on something like FaceTime, and they’re going to go on Minecraft and build a simulated replica of the dairy, and why that’s important, is they’ll have 40 million people watch them build a diary on Minecraft,” farmer Aric De Jager notes.

Gamers will start to see dairy-related content in the coming weeks, and the content will continue through November.

Farmers say that they cannot wait to see the results.