Dealing with stress brought on by labor shortages is “a large load to carry”

We are digging deeper into the impact of ag industry labor shortages. It is forcing producers and workers to pull double duty, which leads to a buildup of stress on the operation.

This is called a stress pile-up.

A family science specialist with North Dakota State University calls it “a large load to carry.”

According to Sean Brotherson, “You have stressed that accumulates, simply because you don’t have the time, energy, or the resources available to you to manage it as effectively as you normally would. So, that’s kind of the first stage of it. When you’re down one or multiple laborers that typically would help you on your farm or ranch operation, then those tasks that you might be able to delegate or share with them, start to pile up on you.”

He says that it is important to remember no one is weak for needing help, and that the North Dakota State University Extension has a great website for dealing with farm stress.



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