Eating in season this Winter


The weather may be cold out there, but that doesn’t stop some fruits and vegetables from being at their peak this time of year. Here are some foods in season over the winter months.



Did you know that the avocado is technically a berry? Although they are grown year round, these heart-healthy fruits are at their peak this time of year.



Also a grocery store staple, Bananas are at their prime right now. According to the USDA, each person in the US eats an average of 11.4 lbs of bananas each year, making this America’s favorite fruit.

Brussels Sprouts


Once a source of childhood disdain, Brussels sprouts have gotten a glow-up over the past few years. Paula Deen has a quick and easy recipe for Bacon & Brussels Sprouts that’s sure to make even the picky eaters happy.



Winter is a great time for citrus fruits! High in Vitamin C, grapefruit is a wonderful breakfast treat; especially if you toast some sugar on top.



Leeks are everything you want in an onion without being so onion-y. They’re grown in sandy soil, so be sure to wash them well before throwing them in your pot!



Low in calories and high in vitamins, oranges are one of winter’s top performers. From tangerines to mandarins to navels, you can find an orange to fit any size lunchbox this time of year.



This root vegetable is native to the Americas and can be eaten baked, boiled, fried, or mashed. Why not roast some for a simple side dish for dinner, or pair them with leeks for a hearty soup?



Did you know pears are picked off the tree before they are ripe? Rich in fiber and Vitamin C, this fruit is perfect to add to a winter salad or baked for a delicious dessert.