EPA Administrator on the new interim rules regarding pesticides

It has bee a big week for the Environmental Protection Agency. We started off the week learning the agency was denying ethanol waiver request for small refineries and there is a new rule regarding pesticides.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on their new announcement regarding pesticides, as well as denying gap year waivers and the Navigable Waters Rule.

Wheeler states, “We’re working to reduce the exposure to atrazine and provide clarity and certainty to farmers. We want to make sure that that vital tool remains useful for U.S. agriculture. The benefits of atrazine are between $475-775 million dollars annually. That would be the loss if atrazine was taken off the markets, just to the corn farmers alone. So, we want to make sure that can be used safely by farmers, but we want to make sure that it remains in the toolbox for farmers to use.”

EPA Visits with Michigan farmers.

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