Farm leaders are calling for more comprehensive trade agreements

Farm leaders are calling for more comprehensive trade agreements, especially with the upcoming Farm Bill on the docket.
Agribusinesss coop, CHS says that starts with better market access.

According to John Griffith, “We must promote global science-based policies and break down tariff and non-tariff barriers to entry, more work remains in the pursuit of market access opportunities for U.S. farmers and ranchers.”

The president-elect for the National Pork Producers Council says that the market access opportunities need to include Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

“The U.S. should continue urging the Phillippines and Vietnam, which are in the IPEF to make the tariff reductions on pork they import the last couple of years, permanent. Second, urge China to drop its 25 percent retaliatory tariff on U.S. pork muscle cuts,” Lori Stevermer explains. “Coupled with its MFN tariff, U.S. pork pays a 33 percent tariff compared with 8 percent rate for our competitors in the market.”

The Pork Council is also calling on Congress to reform H-2A Visa restrictions on year-round farm and packing plant jobs.