Another round of HPAI cases in poultry and dairy cattle plague Michigan producers, updates on the Kansas wildfires, and other top rural news stories from last week.
Avian flu shocking jump to dairy, the possible impacts on ag trade in the Key Bridge fallout, herd management in drought & more top stories from last week.
Quebec’s Maple Syrup Producers Association plans to release about half its strategic reserve inventory this year to meet export demand after four years of unfavorable harvests.
A recent surge of Chinese interest in acquiring American farmland prompted states to limit foreign corporate purchases — and is now garnering the attention of Capitol Hill.
Last year, the U.S. imported almost $430 billion from Canada.
Market analysts, including a chief strategist at Allendale. regard the recent, surprising surge in grain exports from Ukraine with cautious optimism.
Turkey’s apple exporters are facing unprecedented challenges, however exporters remain resilient, prioritizing quality and seeking innovative solutions to navigate through turbulent waters.
NCBA is poised to seize upon a promising opportunity: bolstering trade relations with the United Kingdom.
Leaders in the grain industry are preparing to confront a variety of issues head-on, including storage constraints, labor shortages, and persistent supply chain disruptions.
American importers are facing surging shipping container costs driven up by ongoing geopolitical tension in the Red Sea area and drought along the Panama Canal.
The Panama Canal could become the number one challenge facing the U.S. grain export system this year, says Mike Steenhoek, Executive Director of the Soy Transportation Coalition.
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture recently released its updated import and export projections, shedding light on the intricate dynamics influencing the agricultural market.
The drought along the Mississippi River is over, for now, according to the Army Corps of Engineers.
U.S. pork exports could outpace both chicken and beef shipments in the coming decade.
The apple industry in the United States is grappling with an unexpected challenge this year: an oversupply of fruit.
Ships that previously would have gone through the Suez Canal in Egypt are now being diverted below and around South Africa due to military tensions.
Ever wonder about the tiny creatures known as sea monkeys? Dive into the fascinating world of brine shrimp at the Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Co-Op in Utah.