Farmers Assess How Much Fertilizer They Will Need This Season

With drastically increasing prices and weather patterns, many farmers are wondering how much fertilizer they will need this year.

Input prices were increasing before Russia invaded Ukraine, and now they are up more than ever. Many of you have experienced extreme weather over the last year, like floods or drought, and both too little and too much water can impact soil chemistry. One agronomist says before purchasing, you should figure out how much nitrogen you already have, as it plays a critical role in plant health.

“Too little nitrogen and crops may not thrive, and too much nitrogen can harm the plants and the environment. Because certain conditions are necessary to facilitate a root’s ability to uptake nutrients that are present in the soil, crops can experience nutrient deficiencies when growing conditions are poor. Very acidic, or alkaline, conditions, extreme temperatures, drought, and heavy rains can all influence the nutrient availability in the soil, and its subsequent absorption by the crops.”

It is important to note that soils with high drainage rate are the most susceptible to leaching and loss of nutrients.


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