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FarmHer Dairy Carrie : A Myth-Breaking Mission

FarmHer – Dairy Carrie

Carrie Mess, aka “Dairy Carrie” is one of the original powerhouse agriculture advocates. She helped write the book for how bloggers share their farm story. Hers is clear and concise, and direct – just like she is. Her stories are open, honest, direct, and authentic. Whether you run into her on the street, or visit her farm, or read her blog, you will meet the very same person in each setting.

Carrie didn’t grow up on the farm, but she did have a love for cattle and set her feet squarely on the farm when she married her husband Patrick who was from a dairy family. While they didn’t see a future at the dairy initially, life has its way of twisting and turning that led them back. In the early days at the farm, Carrie was front-and-center with the daily ins-and-outs of the dairy operation. Since then, they’ve added two little boys to their family, and she’s added a pretty impressive advocacy lineup to her resume, so her time spent at the farm has changed.

Carrie started her “Dairy Carrie” blog on a whim, just as an outlet for sharing her perspective as a member of a Wisconsin family dairy. But her role has since morphed from casual blogger to impassioned and influential industry advocate. Dairy farms get called out by activists for various things, and Carrie has made it part of her mission to shatter many of the myths and misunderstandings that drive critics of the ag and dairy industries. Her authentic nature and clear way of communicating (with just enough snark thrown in) has struck a chord with an online audience. She shares her stories through her blog and also on her Facebook page.

Dairy farming is a 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year commitment. Carrie’s example serves as a great reminder of the families who work so hard day-in and day-out to make sure that the food we all eat and enjoy every day (often taking it for granted) is always on the grocery store shelves and on our tables.