Firestone Ag Addresses Supply Chain Challenges & Their New Track Product

Supply chain disruptions continue to create hurdles for the agriculture sector.

Now, as planting season progresses, growers are keeping a close eye on the machinery market. We have heard from a number of leaders in the equipment sector and now we turn our attention to farm tires.

Firestone Ag President, Tony Orlando, spoke with RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison about how the farm tire market fared last year, how the pandemic has impacted the farm tire market, what they see as major issues impacting the farm tire market and what Firestone is doing to address these issues.

Firestone Ag’s President, Tony Orlando, also discussed their recently released track product that optimizes performance in a variety of soil conditions.

He talks about how it did in the fields in its first season, what farmers should do when it comes to bias versus radial tires and what farmers should keep in mind about tires this spring planting season.

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