Food distributors drop price-fixing claims against Perdue and Sanderson

Several food distributors have opted to withdraw their lawsuits against major players like Perdue and Sanderson, which revolved around allegations of price fixing.

Several food distributors have recently withdrawn their lawsuits against major poultry producers such as Perdue and Sanderson, which were centered around allegations of price fixing. The lawsuits were part of a broader legal action initiated by consumers and other entities, including grocery stores, alleging a conspiracy spanning several years to maintain artificially high wholesale prices.

According to Reuters, these distributors’ claims were part of a larger lawsuit targeting price fixing practices in the poultry industry. Notably, Perdue and Sanderson have emerged victorious in similar recent cases.

As part of the latest agreement, Perdue and Sanderson have agreed not to seek reimbursement for their defense costs from the withdrawing plaintiffs. This development marks a significant shift in the ongoing legal battle over price-fixing allegations within the poultry sector.