Gas prices are set to remain high, but it is causing E15 blended fuel to gain popularity

Gas prices just keep going up.

As the war in Ukraine continues, as well as pushback from environmentalists stalling domestic drilling efforts, it is likely to stay that way. All this, as we get into the busy summer travel months.

Patrick De Haan with Gasbuddy says it will be tough at the pump this summer.

“Amidst a time when demand is rebounding as the nation has largely recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. So, I think we’ll continue to see a few curve balls this summer. It’s not looking like those curve balls will help provide and relief, but likely the opposite.”

This morning, diesel prices hit another record-high, now at an average of $5.58 per gallon, and gas is up five more cents just overnight. The national average right now is $4.76 per gallon.

And this is causing E15 blended fuel to gain popularity. American drivers have logged more than 30 billion miles on it. That is according to Growth Energy.

Nationwide access to E15 could save drivers more than $12 billion annually. Right now, it is available at more than 2,600 gas stations across 31 states. It is approved for use in 96 percent of light-duty vehicles.


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