Global demand for poultry is set to climb; Tyson turns to automation technology

The demand for meat is expected to go up over the next decade and much of that demand will be for poultry.

It is projected to increase by 154 million tons worldwide, which is almost half of the total additional meat consumption expected. It is fueled by the fact that chicken is priced lower than other proteins and has a lower fat content. Pork and beef demand is expected to go up, too.

As the demand for poultry rises, Tyson Foods is turning to automation to meet the challenge. It is expanding its Forest, Mississippi plant to include the technology for chicken processing. Machines will take over the more labor-intensive tasks, in addition to improving yield and keeping pricing competitive.

Tyson plans to open several other new facilities as well, with hopes to increase its annual output by 1.3 billion pounds.


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