Got To Have Choices: National Farmers Union backs the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act

Ag groups are still making their case for keeping AM radio in vehicles. It is why the National Farmers Union continues to push for the AM Radio in Every Vehicle Act. The group says it comes down to giving options to rural listeners.

Absolutely. And that’s the thing with this (Fairness for Farmers) campaign and the issue itself of competition. We know that farmers do better if we have many options for, for instance, where they can sell their livestock. Farmers do better when they have many options for who they’re buying inputs from. Farmers and communities do better if they have different choices and options when they’re listening to the radio and finding information. That’s why the AM radio efforts are important to keep that local information in place, easy to access, and something that all can enjoy,” said Mike Stranz, Vice President for Advocacy for the National Farmers Union.

The AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act would direct the Transportation Department to issue a rule requiring AM radio to be accessible in all vehicles within the U.S., and it is currently awaiting action in the Senate.