Grain Farmers of Ontario run attack ad against Prime Minister Trudeau


Canadian grain farmers have launched an attack ad aimed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The message criticizes the country’s current $225 million dollar relief package. Grain growers say that the majority of funds go to livestock producers.

The ad compares Canadian aid to the U.S., and praises President Trump and his administration’s response.

“It takes millions of dollars to put crops in the ground but prices are unstable. Why should farmers shoulder that risk alone. Even Donald Trump knows that farmers need help,” the ad states. “He’s helping his farmers with $19 billion dollars in relief programs. Trudeau is asking farmers to go more and more in debt since the pandemic started.”

The ad was run by Grain Farmers of Ontario, which is the province’s largest commodity group. It supports 28,000 barley, corn, oat, soybean and wheat farmers.

The group estimates about 86 percent of growers expect a drop in net incomes, 55 percent will not be able to cover production costs. Additionally, more than half anticipate a drop in sales in 2020.