Grassley: Attacks on ethanol could result in job loss

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley recently fielded questions from reporters this week regarding ethanol production in the U.S. as the current administration pushes for more electric vehicles.

He calls the Biden Administration’s climate plans unfeasible, saying if the U.S. were to follow California’s plan to ban internal combustion engines, more than 40,000 ethanol industry workers could be out of jobs in Iowa alone. However, he praised companies taking the lead on turning ethanol into other sources of energy, like jet fuel.

“AGM is one company already involved in this - transforming regular ethanol into fuel for jet planes. That’s the only thing that I could see that would save some of these 46,000 jobs in Iowa. Could it save them all? I don’t, I just don’t know,” said Senator Grassley.

He adds it is important that agencies come together to find the funding needed to put more blending stations around the country. Currently, the top 10 bio-refineries by volume are located in or surrounding Iowa.


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