HARDY SOARS ON the mockingbird & THE CROW


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NASHVILLE, TENN. – Uncaging his sophomore album the mockingbird & THE CROW for the world today via Big Loud Records/Big Loud Rock, HARDY is embarking on a chapter that can only be described as “country-meets-hardcore chaos” (Alternative Press).

The “stylistically unpredictable” (Billboard) shapeshifter carves a lane all his own across 17 original tracks, proving himself a trailblazer undefined by genre constructs, focused on crafting a catalog of hits that have become notorious for eliciting strong reactions.

“I would love for people to be as taken aback as possible,” HARDY told SPIN in a profile earlier this week that encapsulates his “country-rock rebellion.” “I would love for people to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster…The highest expectation I could have is to make people relate to a song, really feel something, and maybe get through some sort of trauma or anything like that because of it,” he continued. “That’s my shit, man. That’s what I do it for.”

Collaborating with both a rolodex of Nashville’s finest songwriters (Hillary Lindsey, David Garcia, Ashley Gorley, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jordan Schmidt, Brett Tyler, Hunter Phelps, and more) and some of his own rock favorites on the double-sided project, HARDY steps into the fullness of his artistic aspirations, merging the lifestyle he grew up living in rural Philadelphia, Miss. with the music he grew up listening to: Soundgarden, Puddle of Mudd, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, and many more.

“I am extremely excited to have this record out,” HARDY beams. “I truly believe that this is two years of my best writing and think that it perfectly describes who I am as an artist, having grown up listening to rock ‘n roll, but also grown-up country. Thank you to everyone for the support and everybody for working so hard on bringing this record to life. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Check out the album HERE

Listen to the title track below!


"…one of the most audacious, ambitious and downright disruptive albums that Nashville has ever birthed.” – Entertainment Focus

“HARDY’s back and flipping the script with his own rock record, the mockingbird & THE CROW...Early singles ‘JACK,’ ‘TRUCK BED,’ and the title track, all released in 2022, show the influence of Nirvana and post-grunge songcraft alongside his distinctive, rhythmic lyrical delivery.” – Grammy.com

“This is not Michael Hardy the kid with a publishing deal, but HARDY the artist, determined to tell his truth his way, to embrace all the music that’s pumping through his veins.” – HITS

“It’s been a long time since I’ve said, ‘this artist is going to change the face of current rock.’ In fact, it was just over 30 years ago after I first played a song called ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ from Nirvana…who is this artist Lloyd believes is leading the pack? His name is HARDY.” – LA Lloyd, Rock 30 Countdown

“HARDY’s new conceptual album is armed with a front-end full of airtight country hooks (like the Wallen-featuring “Red”) and a B-side that’s pure rock-fueled adrenaline...” – SPIN

“The important thing to note here is this foray into rock music isn’t forced nor is a fake performance to try and sell records. Instead, it’s about leaning into the type of music that had him hooked in the first place.” – Substream Magazine

"…his most personally revelatory release to date.” – The Tennessean

“HARDY isn’t afraid to find the gray within difficult topics – see his murder ballad ‘wait in the truck’ – and ‘JACK’ is a prime example of his developing craftsmanship.” – TIME

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